NND seeks leading IT-experts: Invitation to Bidders’ Conference


Procurement IT support systems for decommissioning.
NND will purchase IT support systems for decommissioning and radioactive waste management

The bid for contractors to deliver IT support systems to the decommissioning of the Norwegian nuclear infrastructure is now open. We seek the leading IT-experts within decommissioning and radioactive waste management and invite contractors from the international community to join our bidders’ conference.

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning

The newly established agency Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) was created to safely and efficiently decommission the Norwegian nuclear infrastructure. This means that we will dismantle our research reactors and find a safe and permanent solution for storage and disposal of reactor fuel, radioactive material and other radioactive waste from research, industry, military and health care. We plan to build “down” our nuclear infrastructure whilst building “up” a national facility where radioactive material will be delivered, treated, stored and disposed.


NND needs IT-tools to support the agency’s main processes. These are the planning and execution of the decommissioning and the handling of radioactive waste.

The systems will ensure the safety of employees, contractors and the environment, and will allow us to follow all construction material from inception to final disposal. It will also organise the operation and maintenance of all construction and facilities that needs to be carried out alongside on-site activities.

We aim to reuse international best-practice methods and tools and to procure established work methods with tools support, not the other way around. NND has several existing tools that must be factored in when proposing solutions, as well as the use of IAEA standards, external interfaces and regulatory compliance.

Bidders’ Conference

NND will host a bidders’ conference for the procurements of a Decommissioning IT support system and a Waste management IT support system on 20th April 2021, 14:00-16:00 CET. The conference will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, details

Microsoft Teams meeting

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Timetable: Procurements. Stage 1: Qualification, stage 2: Competition


The conference will be recorded and subsequently published on NNDs website www.nnd.no. By participating you consent to the recording and publishing of the conference.

At the conference, NND will present the drivers behind the procurements, the anticipated deliveries and introduce the procurement process. At the end of the conference, NND will open for questions. Answers to the questions will also be published to all bidders through EU-supply after the conference. The conference will be recorded and subsequently published on NNDs website (by participating you consent to the recording and publishing of the conference).


Goals for the support systems

These support systems must ensure safe decommissioning and waste management. They shall increase safety and security and efficiently control, automate and connect processes. We wish to use data as the basis for decisions, and the ability to reuse solutions and data where possible. This should be done through the enhancement and augment of data between subject matters, and “one stop” data gathering.


Ongoing procurements:

Decommissioning support system

Waste management support system

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