In 2018 and 2019 the two research reactors in Norway were permenently taken out of operation.

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) is an agency under the ministry of Trade, Industry and fisheries responsible for decommissioning of the research reactors and other nuclear infrastructure connected to this end. NND is also responsible for safe handling, storage and disposal of nuclear waste in Norway.

The agency is also an expert body in matters concerning decommissioning of nuclear infrastructure and storage of nuclear waste. As such we give independent advice regarding these issues to the government. An exhaustive list of our assignments can be found her. (Norwegian)

As of now the independent Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) owns and are responsible for the research reactors. Within due time ownership and responsibility will be moved to NND.

NND is still in a build-up phase and a lot of time and resources are allocated to planning and organizational development. When the agency is fully operational and has obtained the necessary licenses from DSA (The Norwegian radiation and nuclear safety authority) NND will be the single point of contact for handling of nuclear waste created in Norway.

Decommissioning and handling of nuclear waste are complex issues covering a wide variety of competencies. NND plans to use a mix of in-house resources and procured services and we aim to develop longstanding partnership with trusted suppliers.

NND was officially formed in February of 2018 and resides in Halden, Norway.



18th of June: Join our Market dialogue in English

Best practice methods and tools to support Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning’s main processes.
Please find the instructions to participate below.

NND is a national government agency for a clean-up of Norway’s nuclear activities and safe disposal of nuclear waste. These are long lived processes. Meanwhile the nuclear site cunstructions and other facilities  will be operated and maintained in parallell. The process mandates a large number of surveys to be conducted, as well as a thorough planning and assurance process. Our main processes are Decommisioning, Waste Management and Facilities operation and maintenance .

Market advice

NND needs advice from the market on international best practices, methods and tools to support our main processes in a safe and cost efficient manner. Our aim is to procure methods with supporting IT tools that integrate all our processes in the best possible way. We also desire input on best practice with regards to how to organize our processes to become efficient and cost effective.

Our processes involves many diciplines and must secure the environment, safety and health for employees, contractors and society as a whole.  NND must adhere to strict regulations and reporting on this.

Market dialogue

We invite to this conference to start off the market dialogue, in the conference NND will present our mission, our needs and ask for advice from the market. NND will use the market advice to produce requirements for use in a subsequent public procurement. NND, being a government agency, will conduct all procurements in accordance with “Lov om offentlige anskaffelser”.

The market dialogue is arranged digitally, conducted in Microsoft Teams. The conference is offered with similar content on two occations, once in norwegian and once in english:

Norwegian: 19th June 2020 kl 1200-1400 CET
English: 18th June 2020 kl 1500-1700 CET

After the conference

NND offer 1:1 meetings with interested suppliers after the conference. The procedure to attend will be presented in the conference.

Instructions to participate in the conference 18th of June 2020

Participation is through either of :

1.       Connect from a PC or mobile using the invitation link: Join the Microsoft Teams meeting

2.       Call in from a videoconference system:, code 1216190372

3.       Call in from a telephone: +47 21 40 20 31, code 677 347 833#

Please note that using the telephone option does not give access to the presentation deck during the conference.

Conference rules/Rules of engagement:

NND will record a list of participants on the beginning of the conference

Please mute your microphone when not speaking

Please add video only when speaking

Questions can be posted in the meeting chat and will be addressed at the end of this presentation

NND will record the meeting and the recording will be published. By attending the conference you accept that the recording will be published