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IAEA Member States, Staff Pay Tribute to Late Director General Yukiya Amano


A memorial ceremony paying tribute to late Director General Yukiya Amano was held in Vienna on 21 August 2019. (Photo: K. Nikolic/IAEA) Leena Al-Ha...

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Ensuring Safe Structures: a Decade of Using Digital Technology in Industrial Radiography in Viet Nam


Industrial radiography is a method of inspecting materials, such as steel or concrete, for hidden flaws by using short X-rays, gamma rays and neutrons...

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Accelerating Growth: IAEA Launches Plant Mutation Breeding Network for Asia and the Pacific


In addition to strengthening their national capacities in plant mutation breeding and associated biotechnologies, participating governments are expect...

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Strengthening International Standards for Nuclear Safety: IAEA Safety Publications Restructured


Achieving high levels of safety in the many areas in which countries use nuclear technologies requires a robust and comprehensive international safety...

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IAEA Launches Revamped Nuclear Communicator's Toolbox


An updated version of the IAEA’s Nuclear Communicator’s Toolbox is now available. The toolbox, an online resource designed for technical s...

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Over 700 Professionals Trained through IAEA's Nuclear Knowledge Management Schools


Education and training are necessary to ensure that the next generation of nuclear industry professionals are prepared to manage complex nuclear power...

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Small Modular Reactors: A Challenge for Spent Fuel Management?


Small modular reactors (SMRs) have been the talk of scientists and researchers in the nuclear industry for many years — but to what extent ...

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Fracking: How Isotope Hydrology can Support Environmental Assessments to Help Protect Groundwater


A recent paper by McIntosh and 14 other authors from leading universities around the world explained how various isotope hydrology techniques can be u...

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Climate-specific Technology Packages can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture


Ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture under different climatic conditions have been identified, thanks to a research project ...

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Under One Roof: Russia's Integrated Strategy for Spent Fuel Management


Safety and security measures need to be taken at every step of the management process to protect people and the environment and to minimize the risk o...

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