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63rd IAEA General Conference to Begin on Monday; Acting DG Calls for Renewed Commitment to Mandate


Strengthening the effectiveness of safeguards implementation and making more use of nuclear science and technology for development are some of the top...

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Peer Review Service for Emergency Preparedness and Response Reaches 20 Year Milestone


A review service assessing emergency preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergencies in countries around the world is 20 years old this year. It...

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U.S. Grant Helps Optimize Nuclear Technique to Reduce Disease-Transmitting Mosquito Populations


Using a nuclear technique applied at a large scale against agricultural pests around the world to control disease-transmitting mosquitoes has been an ...

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From Constant Pain to Walking again: The Story of a Radiation Patient


In 1997, a radiological accident in Lilo, Georgia resulted in the exposure of 11 people to high doses of radiation over an extended period of time. Th...

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Call for Papers: International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development


Interested contributors have until 15 December 2019 to submit abstracts for the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Huma...

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Iran's Full and Timely Cooperation is Essential, Acting Director General Tells Board


Iran needs to cooperate with the IAEA fully and in a timely fashion, IAEA Acting Director General Cornel Feruta told the Agency’s Board of Gover...

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Candidates for IAEA Director General Nominated


The governments of Argentina, Burkina Faso, Romania and Slovakia have submitted candidates for IAEA Director General to the Agency’s Board of Go...

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Nuclear Techniques Help Develop New Sorghum Lines Resistant to the Parasitic Weed Striga


Farmers in Africa will soon benefit from new sorghum varieties resistant to Striga — also known as witchweed — one of the most devasting p...

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France's Efficiency in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: What Can 'Oui' Learn?


With 58 nuclear power reactors producing nearly 72% of France’s electricity in 2018, France is one of the countries with the highest share ...

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A New Vision for Cancer Treatment: Image Guided Brachytherapy


Advances in technology have helped to pave the way for techniques like image guided brachytherapy (IGBT) that are leading to better outcomes and offer...

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