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Laboratory in Cuba First in Region with Capacity to Detect Key Biotoxin, Thanks to Nuclear Techniques


The first laboratory in Latin America and the Caribbean to be able to detect ciguatoxins, the toxins responsible for the most significant non-bacteria...

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IAEA Launches Report Highlighting Achievements in South-South and Triangular Cooperation


The IAEA has launched a report showcasing how the application of science and technology through cooperation among developing countries is helping coun...

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World Water Day 2019: 'Leaving no one Behind'


The theme of this year’s World Water Day — ‘Leaving no one behind’ — addresses the reasons why millions o...

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Vietnamese Authorities Control Spread of African Swine Fever with the Use of Nuclear-derived Techniques


The pork industry in Viet Nam has escaped the recent wave of African Swine Fever (ASF) and other animal diseases hitting Southeast Asia thanks to quic...

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IAEA Supports a Revival of Cuba’s Food Irradiation Services


Cuba’s fruit exports are set to increase with the reinstatement of former food irradiation capacities on the island. The production of fresh fru...

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Robotics Challenge Winning Design Helps Speed up Spent Fuel Verification


The Robotics Challenge attracted more than 300 submissions. Of the 12 proposals selected for demonstration, three designs were tested in a real-world ...

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Integrated Pest Management to Boost Dragon Fruit Production in Viet Nam


There is a reason why dragon fruit is considered a rich and famous fruit in Viet Nam: it is exported to 40 countries and return from dragon fruit prod...

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Drought-tolerant Crops to Contribute to Food Security in Namibia


Farmers in Namibia now have new crop varieties of cowpea and sorghum that are more tolerant to drought and pests planted this year, thanks to nuclear ...

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Guyana Plans to Increase Access to Cancer Services, in Line with IAEA Recommendations


The multidisciplinary expert team visited the capital Georgetown, as well as New Amsterdam, Linden and Port Maurant, to collect data, observe clinical...

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Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology Get Major Uplift in Bangladesh


The challenge professionals in the field are facing is two-fold. On the one hand, there is scarcity of trained manpower. On the other, the population ...

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